Jane Eyre


 "... I looked at my face in the glass, and felt it was no longer plain: there was hope in its aspect, and life in its colour: and my eyes seemed as if they had beheld the fount of fruition, and borrowed beams from the lustrous ripple." 

                           ~ Jane

Analysis - Jane finally realizes that she doesn't need to be pretty in order to find love.


 This novel starts off at Gateshead Manor. This is where Jane grew up with her three cousins; until she was about ten years old. Then her aunt sent her to Lowood Academy where Jane stayed for eight years. There she then put out an ad for a governess position, and was accepted at a place named Thornfield Hall. She stayed there for about a year, and then left for reasons that are plausable. When she left she had not a penny to her name, and was left to wander the streets looking for shelter and asking for food. She did this for about four days until she came to a house named Marsh End. She was permitted to stay until she was able to recooperate and find a job. A job is found for her and she goes to become a school teacher in the little town of Milton. There she lives in a little cottage near the school house. She did this until she found out that she had inherited some money, from her late uncle. She then moved in with her newly found cousins at Marsh End. (Yes it is the place that i mentioned earlier that had sheltered her when she had no where to go. After maybe six months she then went back to Thornfield Hall and stayed there for the rest of her dying days.


"What? you will go?"
"I am cold, sir."
"Cold? Yes,-- and standing in a pool! Go, then Jane; go!" But he still retained my hand, and I could not free it.

~ Mr. Rochester to Jane

Analysis - In this scene Mr. Rochester realizes that he loves Jane.

"Whenever in the future, you should chance to fancy Mr. Rochester thinks well of you, take out these two pictures and compare them: say "Mr. Rochester might probably win that nobal lady's love, if he choses to strive for it; is it likely he would waste a serious thought on this indignent and insignificant peblian?"


Analysis - Jane was trying her best not to fall in love with Mr. Rochester in this scene. She thought that she wasn't beautiful enough or right for him.


Jane Eyre had the life that she had because she didnt have any parents growing up. All Jane had was a mean aunt and cousins that punished her in many diiferent cruel ways. If Jane Eyre had lived with her own parents, that hadn't died when she was a baby, she would of been treated with love and kindness. Then she maybe wouldn't have been so shy and would have been more outspoken, went to a better school, and maybe would have never met Mr. Rochester.

By: Charlotte Bronte

Jane Eyre was Charlotte Bronte's first novel and was  published in 1847. Jane Eyre is a autobiography of a young girl that faces many hardships in order to be with her one true love.


" Well, tonight I excuse you; but understand that so long as my visitors stay, I expect you to appear in the drawing-room every evening; it is my wish; don't neglect it. Now go, and send Sophie for Adele. Good-night my--" He stopped, bit his lip, and abruptly left me."

                       ~ Mr. Rochester to Jane

Analysis - In this scene Mr. Rochester again almost shows that he loves Jane.

The Plot:

The story starts off with Jane at ten years old. She lives with her only aunt and three cousins, and they all hate Jane. Finally Jane's aunt sends her away to a boarding school named Lowood Academy. Jane stays here for six years, and then becomes a teacher for two years at Lowood. Then Jane feels that she needs a little more adventure in her life and becomes a governess at Thornfield Hall. Here Jane takes care of Adele, a young french girl around the age of eight. Jane teaches Adele the main courses (english, art, music and manners). Jane soon finds out that Adele's ward is Mr. Rochester and not Mrs. Fairfax, the lady that hired Jane. But, there are strange things that happen at Thornfield Mansion, a person screams in the weirdest times, somebody tries to kill Mr. Rochester in the dead of night by lighting his banister and drapes. While Jane is at Thornfield manor she finds out that her Aunt Reed is dying and that her cousin John is dead. Jane then goes to her aunt's deathbed and talks to her, because her aunt had been asking for Jane. Once Jane gets there she soon finds out that she has a uncle that was wanting to adopt her and leave all of his belongings to her. Jane stays with her two cousins for a month until they had all had left, and then she goes home to Thornfield mansion. Mr. Rochester and Jane soon become in love and decide to marry, but there is one problem. Mr. Rochester is already married! But in Mr. Rochester's eyes he isn't "married" because the woman that he is married to, is a lunatic. Once Jane finds this out she stays in her room for a whole day and then leaves in the night. When Jane leaves she only takes a suitcase with her clothes in it and all the money she had. Jane leaves all the stuff that Mr. Rochester had showered her with before the wedding. As Jane gets on down the road, Jane runs into a man that is going far away that isn't known by Mr. Rochester and catches a ride with him. The unknown man takes her as far as the money that she had would take her. Jane then goes through three days and nights sleeping with nature and asking for food and work. This went on until Jane had found a house, Moor House, which she then asked for food, and being rejected she just sat on the door step. While this was going on the owner of the house watching and told Jane that she could go inside. Inside Jane was fed by the owner and his two sisters. Jane had told the family that her name was Jane Elliot so that if Mr. Rochester was looking for her that he wouldn't of found her. Jane alsoo told the family that she would tell them her story once she was good and rested for the night. Jane had slept for a good three or four days, and when she finally woke up, just as she promised, she told her story to the people that lived inside the house. Jane had made a pact with the owner of the house that when she had gotten a job she would move out, but until then she would stay. The owner of the house, had found her a job as being a school teacher in the city of Milton. It was a city of farm and factory people. She stayed at this occupation for a half of a year, until the owner of the house had found out that Jane was Jane Eyre and not Jane Elliott. Once he had found this out he had informed her that her uncle had died and had left her a good sum of money. Jane also found out that the owner and his two sisters were cousins to her. She then went back to the Moor House and cleaned it up, and told everybody to come back home. Jane split the money with her cousins and they all lived at the Moor House. During this time her cousin asks her to go to a foreign country to help with the missionary service with him. Jane said yes but then there was an attachment to it... Jane had to marry him. Jane then told him no, because he was only wanting her to marry him for the companionship and not for love. When all this stuff happens she begins to think of Mr. Rochester, and wonders how he is and where he is. So Jane takes a journey to Thornfield Manor to find out that the house is burnt down. The crazy lunatic wife of Mr. Rochester had burnt it down in the middle of the night. Everyone was ok, except for Mr. Rochester and his wife. His wife had died by jumping off the house, and Mr. Rochester had gotten hurt for trying to save his wife. Mr. Rochester had lost one of his eyes and lost vision in the other. Mr. Rochester had to have his arm amputated too. But he was still living in one of the cottages he owned that was back in the forest. Once Jane had heard this she had hired a person with a carriage to take ger down there immediately. Once she got there she had met the servants who were more than happy to see her, and she took in a tray to Mr. Rochester; pretending to be one of the servants. Once she got in there it took a while for him to realize that it was Jane. Mr. Rochester thought that Jane was a figment of his imagination again; sent there to torture him. In the next morning they went out for a walk and got married. Jane soon took care of Mr. Rochester. She also went to find Adele and took her to a more fitting school. After a while Mr. Rochester was soon to be able to make out shapes and people. And for the best ending ever they had a baby boy, and lived happily ever after. 

Jane and Adele



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