Jane Eyre


Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is the main character of the book. The book starts off when she is around ten years of age all the way to an adult. She is a woman who has to go through many hardships in her life in order to find, and to be with, her true love.

Mrs. Fairfax

Mrs. Fairfax is the woman who hired Jane to work at Thornfield Mansion. Mrs. Fairfax is the grounds keeper at Thornfield Manor.

Miss. Blanche Ingram

Blanche Ingram is basically Jane's competition against Mr. Rochester.

Grace Poole

Grace Poole is a servant at Thornfield Hall. Grace has the most important job. She has to contain the lunatic Mrs. Rochester.


Adele is from France, and she is being taught by Jane in subject areas like, english, writing, artistry and music.

Mr. Edward Rochester

Mr. Rochester is a wealthy man who has a eight year old girl that is his ward. He has very many secrets, and falls in love with Jane. Mr. Rochester is the owner of Thornfied Manor.

Mrs. Reed

Mrs. Reed is the caregiver for Jane when she is young. She has three other children, and they all are very cruel to Jane; when she is little. She also has very many secrets that she keeps from Jane.

Mr. Brocklehurst

Mr. Brockelhurst is the man who enrolled Jane at Lowood Academy. He is the headmaster at Lowood Academy.

St. John Rivers

He is the man that lent a helping hand to Jane when she had not a penny to her name, and needed a place to stay. He also is Jane's newly found cousin. He has two sisters, Diana and Mary.